The Team

With a diverse group of lawyers and experts led by Corinna Vossius, we create unique collaborative teams to develop and implement the best strategies and solutions for our clients. Please meet our core team of attorneys and experts.

Corinna Vossius



Volker Vossius, Dipl. Chem.
German and European Patent Attorney | European Trademark Attorney | Of Counsel (May 1, 2013 - September 29, 2018)



Knut Oberhardt, Dipl.-Ing, Physikalische Chemie
European Patent Attorney | European Trademark Attorney



Vahideh Habibpour, Ph.D., Physical Chemistry
Patent Attorney Candidate



Aras Kartouzian, Ph.D., Physical Chemistry
Technical Expert



Prof. Rainer Thiessen, Ph.D., University of Applied Sciences Munich
Technical Expert




Ruth Pfeifer
Administration and Docket Manager