Mechanical engineering and related industries
Heavy equipment, packaging technologies, molding machinery, precision engineering, components for railway systems, exhaust and ventilation air systems, household products
Injection molding, plastic molding, blow molding, packaging materials including plastic and paper based multilayer structures, helmets 
Equipment and devices, medical engineering, cardiac pacemakers, catheters, contact lenses, dental care products, implanted electrical leads, infant incubators, inhalation therapy, laser surgical tools, lithotripters, orthopedic implants, orthopedic surgical tools, ostomy devices, endoscope systems, health care products, imaging systems, surgical navigation systems, micro channel devices, therapy and fitness equipment 
Motor vehicle components, clutch and break systems, drive systems
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Materials science, alloy compositions and metallurgy, catalysts and catalytic conversion processes, fabrics and fabric treatments, beverage chemistry, packaging materials including plastic and paper-based multilayer structures, polymers, polymer synthesis, polymer shaping processes including molding and extrusion, multi-layer laminates, solid and liquid surface chemistry,
Analytical Systems
High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), mass spectrometry, analytical devises such as thermo cyclers, rheometers, systems for process monitoring and control
Electrical / Electronics / Information Technology IT
Measurement systems, security and surveillance systems, LED-display systems, electro-optic devices, semi-conductors and semi-conductor components, computer implemented systems, communication systems